Rental Policy

Piper Condominium Association has a 90 day minimum rental policy that is strictly enforced. This policy was adopted by an all owner vote in October 2012.  As of September 2017 there are 3 homes who have a ” Grandfathered” 30 day minimum rental. Those villas are 1549, 1552 and 1554. When those villas are change ownership they will revert to the 90 minimum.

Owners who rent must complete a RENTAL FORM and email it it to our C.A.M. in advance of the rental.


Click here to download a rental form


Owners must provide their renters with this RENTER GUIDELINES

  1. Please try to limit vehicles to 1 in our parking lots. There is additional parking just southwest from Piper Dunes, west of Beach Walker Road. It has a sign that says ” Overflow Parking”

2. Access the garage associated with the villa you are renting. The code is available from the rental agent or condominium owner.

Garage doors must be closed when not in active use.

3. Please no golf carts in the parking area. Golf carts need to be in or in front of the villa’s garage.

4. The pool code is 1492.   Standard pool rules are posted poolside, please no food, glass or pets.

5. Please use sturdy garbage sacks when throwing garbage down the chute . Otherwise they can explode upon landing in the dumpster and make a huge mess.

6. We have RECYCLE bins in the trash room, located on the south side of the building.

7. Please dry off before walking through the buildings. Our floors become slippery when wet.

8. Please do not use the decorative fence as bike parking. Bikes can be kept in the garage or in front of your garage.

  1. Please clean up after your pets

We hope that you have a wonderful stay,

Piper Dunes COA