Good Afternoon Piper Dunes Residents,


Early this past week, we were hit by Hurricane Irma. The property has sustained damage and we are working as quickly as possible with multiple crews and contractors to get the property back to normal. This will take some time to complete though. I have completed my initial inspection of the property and I am currently working on my final report. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on everything.


Power – Power is on and has been consistent


Water and Sewer – Water and sewer are functioning properly


Elevators – Currently the elevators are functioning. But already, we have experienced intermittent service on other elevators around the plantation, so this could happen to any one of the properties as well.. The techs will be out as soon as possible if this does, but please keep in mind that they are very busy as well.


Fire Alarm and Suppression System – The fire alarm system is operating normally.


Pool – The pool is open. Swimtec has cleaned it numerous times and will continue to do so. They did elevate the chlorine levels a little to help with any potential algae growth.


Roofs- The roofs has sustained damage. Currently, emergency repairs are in progress to stop any water intrusion through the chimney caps. These repairs will be temporary until the final repairs can be made.. I have posted signs by the elevators stating to use caution while walking around the buildings and on any balcony. Tile can still come off the roofs..


Common Grounds – The common areas and grounds still has a lot of debris that includes pieces of roof tile. Please use extreme caution when walking around the property.


Beach Board Walks – The Board walks did not sustain any apparent damage. Again, please use caution when transiting on them.



Water Intrusion into units – It is up to every individual owner to inspect their own unit for any damages. Please, if you have any water intrusion into your unit, contact a company that can start the dry out process, like Service Master, ServPro, or any other company that does clean up work. The quicker everything can be dried out the better. Even if the sheetrock is wet, fans and a dehumidifier can dry the sheetrock quick enough to prevent any possible microbial growth as well as prevent the replacement of it.



AIM along with Construction Solutions are working as quickly as possible to get things put back together. I will be in and out of the office a lot of the next week conducting inspections and meeting with contractors to get work going. As you may already be aware, AIM’s office finally had power restored this past Wednesday afternoon. I have about 250 emails, a lot of messages, and voicemails to sort through and prioritize from the past week. Please be patient as I get caught up on everything. I will respond as quickly as I can but for now, I must get all buildings back in operation and watertight as best as possible. Thank you and have a great weekend.



Property Manager, Amelia Island Management

904-432-1447 direct


5440 First Coast Highway

Amelia Island, Fl. 32034