Communications Archive

6.28.21 re Garage Electrical Upgrade Project

6.23.21 re AIPCA Survey

6.4.21 re Stairway Storage

5.18.21 re New Pool Bathroom Codes

5.11.21 re New Pool and Bathroom Codes

5.4.21 re Mask Mandate Changes

2.16.21 re Shutter Maintenance Program

1.4.21 re Mask Reminder

12.15.20 re Parking Reminder

7-21-20 re Mask Mandate

7-20-20 re Garage Electric Issues

5-11-20 re Revised Construction and Remodeling Rules

4-15-20 re COVID Protocols

4-9-20 re Delivery Restrictions

3-30-20 re Emergency Number Change

3-2-20 re New Property Manager