April 28, 2006



APRIL 28, 2006

The Board of Directors meeting of the Piper Dunes Condominium Association, Inc., was held concurrently this date in the Offices of Amelia Island Management Conference Room, Building 5, 3000 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, Florida.


Andy Thompson President

Morris Purcel Vice President

Sandra Brown Asst. Secretary

Rodger Rollins – Member

Mike Burch – Member


BOARD MEMBERS ABSENTDeb Mitchell – Secretary
Rick Armbrust – Treasurer


Jeff Chapman LCAM Property Manager

Shirlene Reeves Sr. LCAM Villa Accountant

Vicki Akins Administrative Assistant


Notice of the meeting was mailed to the Board on April 14, 2006, which is in accordance with the Documents of the Association. There were five Board members present which represents a quorum. President Thompson called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


Property Managers Report Jeff Chapman

Jeff Chapman discussed the property managers report which covered significant projects completed since the October, 2005 Board meeting and new projects for consideration. (See attached)

Financial Update Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene Reeves stated Amelia Island Management prepares and mailed a monthly financial report reflecting the annual budget and actual money spent with year-to-date totals. Shirlene Reeves stated there is some concern about the two insurance renewals due June 15, 2006. There was a 15% and 20% increase budgeted and now the associations that have already renewed had increases of 40% and 60%. This increase can be paid through the Board Fund. Andy Thompson related that at the Presidents meeting Chuck Bushong, our Insurance Agent, suggested that all the Associations have their buildings reappraised. Andy felt that there was no need to have all four buildings in the Piper Dunes group appraised, just have one appraised and split the cost between the two associations. Smith Appraisal Service was the company that did the appraisal. The insurance limits that are currently being carried are $8,100,000.00 property coverage, and $7,400,000.00 flood coverage. Smith came up with an appraisal of $8,775,000.00 which is an increase of about three-quarters of a million dollars. The Board agreed the insurance limits should be increased to the new appraisal amount.


Morris Purcel stated that a site survey report has been compiled by Lightning Master Corporation concerning the grounding of the buildings and recommended doing the Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Installation per building to protect some of the power and electronic equipment, adding also an extra ground rod per building. The cost for the equipment would be approximately $5,000.00 per building. Mike Burch stated that at a later date the Board may want to consider complete building protection and Lightning Master is recommending a conventional air terminal system which is a step up from the basic. The Board concurred with the recommendation. Mike Burch and Morris Purcel are to work with Jeff Chapman to secure a bid to install the system. Also obtain a recommendation as to what the individual unit owner should do to protect their property.

Andy Thompson related that Construction Solutions, Inc. is compiling the annual inspection of the buildings and it should be completed in 3-5 weeks.

Dempsey Brown stated the Dunes Club Community Association will send a notice to each owner for $150.00 per unit assessment to cover the State mandated extension or replacement of the beach walkovers. The association will thus not be responsible for the cost of a beach walkover. This work will not commence until November 1, 2006 because of the turtle nesting season.

Andy Thompson discussed resurfacing the parking lot at a cost of $4-5,000.00. It was the consensus of the Board to stripe and reseal the parking lot, and repair the areas that have cracked and have potholes. If approved by the Board in the fall meeting, his work will commence in the fall.

Jeff Chapman stated that Richard and Wendy Finnerty have bought and donated pads to be placed in the elevators to be used when moving in to, or out of, a unit.

Owner Tom Matska stated the new conduit for the electrical line located in the stairwell should be painted. Jeff Chapman will contact the two new owners requesting that they paint it.

Andy Thompson stated it is time to complete our contract with D & R Shutters. Bob Bailey, who has taken over the sales responsibility for D & R, states that all the insurance coverage has been paid; D & R will pay all the excess expenses, and split the legal fees. This will leave the Association owing D & R $36,366.60. Discussion ensued and the President requested that Jeff Chapman write a letter to the owners requesting a list of their shutter complaints because the warranty will run out June 20, 2006. The check for $36,366.60 is to be held in escrow by Attorney Tomassetti until the owners complaints are addressed by D & R.

(Note: after a meeting with Mr. Bailey following this Board meeting and contact with all Board members, it was agreed to proceed with the payment to D&R with the understanding that all warranty and repair work will be completed by the end of the warranty period.)


Andy Thompson discussed the following signage:

  1. Unit sign as you drive on to Beach Walker Road.
  2. Unit directional sign for the buildings.
  3. Individual garage numbers.
  4. No Parking Owners Only signs (two-three).
  5. Building entrance signs on each side of the entrance steps.
  6. Unit locater sign on the elevator in each building.
  7. Individual numbers on individual doors.
  8. Exterior rest room limiting signs.
  9. Two pool signs limiting access only to owners.
  10. Shower sign Shower Before Entering Pool.

The Board requested that Jeff Chapman secure bids from Pizzazz for prices on all the signage and report back to the Board.


Morris Purcell stated he had asked the building janitorial service personnel if she had anything she would like to have brought before the Board. She requested that a sign be posted regarding people walking into the lobby while being wet from the pool. President Thompson stated he would write a letter to the owners requesting that everyone be dry when entering the lobby.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:32 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Thompson




Sheet

Property Managers Report