April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

A Board of Directors Meeting of the Piper Dunes Condominium Association, Inc. was held this day in the Amelia Room, Property Owners Clubhouse, Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, Florida.


Andy Thompson, President
Jeff Chapman, Senior Community Association Manager
Morris Purcel, Vice President
Tim Scholl, Community Association Manager
Deborah Mitchell, Secretary
Shirlene Reeves, Senior Villa Accountant
Sandra Brown, Director
Jamie Branan, Administrative Assistant

Mike Burch, Treasurer
Rick Finnerty, Director
Ann Long, Director 


Notice of the meeting was mailed to the membership on April 16, 2008, which is in accordance with the Documents of the Association. There were four Board members present, which represented a quorum. President Andy Thompson called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

Tim Scholl presented a letter regarding the sprinkler retrofitting project. The letter stated the project is scheduled to begin May 5, 2008 and continue throughout the month of May. Access to units may be necessary and owners are encouraged to supply AIM with a key. Cleaning and fogging of the air conditioning vents for the common areas is complete. The sliding glass doors in the elevator area of Building two sixth floor has been ordered and will be installed in approximately six weeks.

The Fire Department now requires a uniform standardized fire service key for all elevators throughout the state of Florida. These keys must be in place by October 2009. Due to the volume of keys needed throughout the state Tim placed the order for Piper Dunes to avoid possible back order. Otis Elevators will install the service key for all of the elevators due to liability issues. The sliding glass door in the common area will be replaced. A deposit in the Board Fund Line item reflects a $6,000 charge for the common sliding door and fire service keys. President Thompson asked Tim to schedule the annual building inspection with Herb Hilderbrand of Construction Solutions, Inc.

The Amelia Island Company has signed a contract with Stateline Disposal to begin a recycling program. The
Amelia Inn and entire resort were recently inspected by a state inspector and are now a certified Florida Green Resort. This certificate is important when bidding for corporate travel. In addition, the Amelia Island Plantation Homeowners Association also has a contract with Stateline for recycling. The residents of the Plantation will begin the recycle program June 1, 2008. This will be back door service for the homeowners. The villa owners will have recycle bins located somewhere on the property convenient for everyone to use. There will be four individual bins plastic, glass, newspaper, and aluminum cans. At this time, President Thompson would like to waive receiving the recycle bins. He asked Nancy to speak with the Dunes Club Community Association (DCCA) Board to discuss their plan for locating the recycle bins. President Thompson stated he does support the plan to recycle.

Shirlene spoke briefly and asked for questions regarding the March 2008 financials. She reminded everyone of the property wind insurance renewal coming up May 31 and June 15, 2008. Shirlene stated, due to no hurricane activity and lower cost of building supplies, rates are predicted to decrease. A valuation appraisal has been completed for insurance purposes.

Last fall there was a discussion about replacing the two palms at the entrance of the property. The palms have been replaced one time prior. The soil has been tested and found to have a fungus. This type of fungus does not spread laterally and can not be excavated. Deborah Mitchell has met with Martin Drury landscape specialist for AIM and Brian Malone. Further investigation will be needed before a solution is reached and more money spent replacing the palms. President Thompson would like the landscape and janitorial contracts reviewed.

A brief update was given on the remaining piece of property owned by Mr. Hardwick. The plan for this remaining plot is a lodge to be called The Dunes Lodge. The most comparable property is Courtside Villas. For additional information, President Lyn Rion of DCCA can answer any further questions.

President Thompson asked when mailing the Minutes to include a copy of Rules and Regulations, Courtesy and Fairness.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday October 17, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. The meeting schedule for 2009 is April 24, and October 16.

President Thompson stated three Board positions are up for re-election this fall.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:33 a.m.


Deborah Mitchell