Animal Control

When we were a community of a few hundred homeowners, the regulations below were formulated and incorporated into the AIPCA Rules and Regulations.

Now that we have two thousand homeowners, common courtesy dictates that those of us who have dogs and other animals abide by these rules. No one wants to have their yard, or the common grounds they frequent, soiled.

Amelia Island Plantation Community Association Rules and Regulations

Section VII: Animal Control

  1. Dogs are not allowed to run loose on the Plantation. They must be on a leash and under the direct control of the owner at all times. Dogs are not to interfere in any way with automobiles, bicyclist, walkers or runners.
  2. Owners will not permit their pets to soil anyone’s yard or personal property. If common areas are soiled, the owner is responsible for the removal thereof.
  3. Dogs will not be allowed to soil any of the beaches or dunes areas.
  4. Security will apprehend any dog running loose on property and notify the owner, if known. If the owner is not known, or if the dog is not retrieved within four hours, the County Animal Control Office will be called to pick up the dog.
  5. Barking dogs creating disturbances to others are not permitted.
  6. Any domestic animals or wildlife posing a threat or nuisance should be reported to security.